Third Friday of the Month (April - September)
6 to 10 p.m. • Downtown Square • Indianola, IA

2015 Season . . .

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The MIDWEST'S #1 EMCEE for Motorcycle Events Radio Host & Sport Announcer

June 19th – Sons of Gladys Kravitz | July 17th – Cold Filtered
August 21st – Toaster | Sept. 18th – Mason Jar and the Gypsy Outlaws


June 19th – Red Shirt Ride
KGGO Avenue – Best Cruiser


July 17th – Best Legs night
KGGO Avenue – Best Sportster

(KGGO not on location)

September 18th – ‘Best Bike’ Night
with winner earning a personal parking space for 2016 season.

Any information and pictures provided to Bike Down To I Town becomes the property of the organization and may be used in promotion of the event, including publications and advertising materials, brochures, news media and general media, for whatever purpose the non profit corporation deems appropriate.