Third Friday of the Month (April - September) 6 to 10 p.m. Downtown Square Indianola, IA ADMISSION FREE click here for accommodations




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Since opening P.B. Choppers in Moravia, Iowa, Jim & Shaun Wubben have built motorcycles in their own style. Jim inspiration for The Duke was a childhood memory spending many nights with Dad watching John Wayne on the old black and white television.  The side car was imported and is from a 1953 German vehicle. Such Beautiful Bikes!! They put their HEART and Soul into creating such beautiful work and you can truly see it!!



There is a reason why Yamaha (David, with the Tour for Yamaha Display Drive) came to Indianola's Bike Night . . .
Not only am I impressed with Indianola's Bike Night Event, but there is just so much more here. It amazes me how organized this event is.  There is so much room for just about every bike in Iowa and you still have this beautiful small town charm. It is truly one of a kind Family Oriented Event and the People are GREAT! I can't wait to walk into the old Corner Sundry Shop. This is a must see event, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. ~David (Our 1st Stop of the 44 stops from our National Bike Night Tour)



"PIPES" The Midwest's #1 Announcer/Host reported a record crowd of over 9,000 at the May 18th event.

During the four years Emceeing the Bike Down To I Town Bike Nite I have seen it grow by leaps and bounds. With the huge amount of support from the Town, local businesses, residents and the passion of The Committee for their community plus everything else considered it is no wonder the Largest Bike Nite in the Midwest is Indianola's. I am Proud to be part of such a great event.

"PIPES" The Midwest's #1 Announcer/Host




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